Mar 31, 2020
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Bitcoin and Stock Markets Jump as Coronavirus Curve Begins to Flatten World-wide

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coronavirus bell curve

  • Social distancing and work from home is helping in flattening the coronavirus curve in the U.S.
  • Moreover, the WHO also announced that Europe also seems to be flattening the curve with Italy, the worst hit country there reporting fewer new cases.
  • Stock Markets and Bitcoin starts to revive bullish sentiments, which gold taking a step back.

The number of new cases of Coronavirus usually follows a bell curve which first rises exponentially and then reverses it direction with a rounding top. According to Ken Fisher, Billionaire investor and financial expert, the number of new daily cases in the US seems to have reached it’s second state. Fisher tweeted,

U.S. growth rate clearly way past exponential and markedly arithmetic. Follow the data, not the media headlines. Headlines want to be scarier as can be.

coronavirus us cases
New Coronavirus Cases in the US (Source: Twitter) 

The FDA in the U.S. also appears to be approving of a medicine to cure Coronavirus hydroxy-Chloroquine for Covid-19 which is showing positive results in trials.


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