May 22, 2020
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Bitcoin Hashrate Slides 33% Since Halving – Difficulty Drops, Issues in Sichuan China

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It’s been 11 days since the third bitcoin block reward halving. Data now shows that the overall SHA256 hashrate lost around 47 exahash per second (EH/s), since the all-time high of 140 EH/s on May 3. With more than 33% of the hashrate lost, reports stemming from Sichuan China indicate that bitcoin mining operations have been dealing with electrical shortages, and some operations have been forced to shut down machines.

Bitcoin Hashrate Lost 47 Exahash of Hashrate Since the ATH, Difficulty Sees a 6% Downward Adjustment

Just before the third bitcoin halving, which cut miner revenue by 50%, the overall BTC hashrate spiked to around 140 EH/s on May 3, 2020. The network hit this monumental milestone, seven days before the notorious block reward halving. After the halving was complete, observers noted that the hashrate only dipped by 10-15% around 48 hours later. However, hashrate charts and data have some significant lag, and most of the time hashrate is measured in 3-12 hour intervals.

Bitcoin Hashrate Slides by 33% Since Halving - Difficulty Drops, Issues in
May 20, 2020, BTC hashrate stats.

For instance, statistics show the BTC hashrate is 93 EH/s on May 20. data shows that the hashrate has dropped even lower to just above 80 EH/s during certain periods, between May 20 until May 22. From the all-time high (ATH) on May 3, the BTC chain has lost 47 EH/s so far or roughly 33% since the ATH.

Bitcoin Hashrate Slides by 33% Since Halving - Difficulty Drops, Issues in
May 22, 2020, BTC hashrate stats, 12-hour intervals.

The BTC network difficulty also dropped by 6% on May 20, 2020, and whenever the difficulty drops it can be attributed to miners leaving the network. Additionally, the price of BTC has dropped from a high of $9,900 to a low of 9,100 on May 22. When the price of BTC drops lower in value it makes it more difficult for miners to prosper. Even the first signs of miners dropping off the network, meant a downward adjustment was in the cards for BTC’s overall mining difficulty. Today there are 17 known mining pools processing blocks on the BTC network. The top five BTC mining pools include F2pool, Poolin, Antpool,, and Okex. F2pool on May 22, 2020 shows that it currently commands 27% of the BTC network hashrate.


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