Feb 22, 2019
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Bitcoin Price (BTC) Undervalued By Nearly $34K According to Infamous Dickline

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Bitcoin’s recent bullish rally has helped the leading crypto asset return to mean after $6K support was penetrated by bears. Given its potential, it’s clear to see that Bitcoin is currently undervalued by most analyst’s standards. Bitcoin price predictions place the number one crypto by market cap in the hundreds of thousands, with some estimates reaching a staggering $1 million USD.

Such an estimate was made my the eccentric cyber security expert turned crypto influencer John McAfee, who offered to eat his own “dick on national television” if his prediction didn’t come true by the end of the year 2020. Since that bold claim was made, the crypto community has been watching Bitcoin price closely, tracking it in accordance with the McAfee “dickline.”  According to the infamous “dickline,” Bitcoin is currently nearly $34K undervalued.


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