Apr 15, 2019
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Bitcoiners’ Seastead in Deep Trouble With Thai Government

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Bitcoiners’ Seastead in Deep Trouble With Thai Government

A seastead launched by an early bitcoin adopter off the coast of Thailand has run into trouble with local government. The Thai Navy boarded the structure Saturday, claiming it violates criminal law, which is punishable by death or life imprisonment. The owner claims that his floating home is located outside of Thailand’s maritime boundaries.

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Seastead Allegedly Violates Criminal Law

American early bitcoin adopter Chad Andrew Elwartowski and his Thai girlfriend, Suprenee Thepdet aka Nadia Summergirl, launched a seastead on Feb. 2 off the coast of Phuket, Thailand. However, the Thai Navy boarded the structure Saturday and accuses the couple of breaching the country’s Criminal Code, Section 119.

Bitcoiners’ Seastead in Deep Trouble With Thai Government
The Thai Navy’s press conference about the seastead on Saturday.

According to Siam Legal international law firm, “Section 119: Intent to cause injury to the nation” states:

Whoever does any act with intent to cause the country or any part thereof to descend under the sovereignty of any foreign state, or to deteriorate the independence of the state, shall be punished with death or imprisonment for life.

Elwartowski, also known as Elwar in the Bitcointalk and Reddit Bitcoin communities since 2010, used his early bitcoin investment income to build the seastead at a cost of about $150,000. He is also in the early stages of launching a business, creating seasteads for others who would anchor near his own home. His company is scheduled to start selling the first 20 floating homes Monday, April 15. At press time, 69 potential seasteaders have expressed interest to join him. Last weekend a workshop was held at the seastead where Elwartowski taught diving and other skills needed become seasteaders.


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