Apr 22, 2019
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Bitcoins Most Prolific Inspirations

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We want to take a look at some of the key products that exist within the crypto industry that draw clear inspiration from Bitcoin. Arguably everything within the blockchain world is the result of Bitcoin, though I think this concept is a little less fluid than that. Some blockchain products may well have come to be developed without Bitcoin in the first instance, some products however can’t escape their basic Bitcoin blueprint.

Privacy coins are a great place to start. Tokens such as Dash and Monero take the basic Bitcoin architecture and design and attempt to make it better, more secure and more decentralised. Both Dash and Monero are focused on one of the true principles of Bitcoin, a principle that is often lost across many other blockchain products – total privacy. Privacy coins used advanced technologies that could not have existed without that basic Bitcoin idea. These technologies allow users to access complete and total anonymity when using their blockchains to make purchases and investments, it’s no wonder governments are trying to move away from this area of the industry.


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