Bitcoin (BTC) current price is $64,287.00.

Bitcoin (BTC) current price is $64,287.00 with a marketcap of $1,201.79 B. Its price is 5.99% up in last 24 hours.

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    Bitcoin (BTC)
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    $1,201.79 B
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    $76.33 B
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    18.68 M BTC
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What is bitcoin?

This is a new generation of decentralized digital currency, created and that works only on the Internet. Nobody controls it, the currency is issued by the work of millions of computers around the world using a program to calculate mathematical algorithms. This is the essence of Bitcoin.


What are your differences with traditional electronic money?

For bitcoins, you can also buy anything on the Internet, such as dollars, euros or rubles, and it is also quoted on stock exchanges. The most important difference between Bitcoin and all other forms of money is decentralization. No institution in the world controls bitcoin. In terms of independence, this is an advantage, but for some, such a situation can cause distrust.

Who created bitcoin?

The developer of the program calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto), he proposed an electronic payment system based on mathematical calculations. The idea was to exchange coins without centralized control, electronically, more or less instantaneously and at the lowest cost. Read more about who Satoshi Nakamoto is in our article.

But who prints bitcoins?

No one This currency is not printed by the central bank and does not work according to its rules. Banks can issue as much money as they want to cover their national debt, thus devaluing their currency.

On the contrary, the problem of bitcoins is possible only in digital form, and anyone can start to extract, or, as they say, extract bitcoins at any time. Bitcoin mining is produced by using the computing power of a computer in a distributed network. When translating Bitcoins, transactions are processed on the same network, converting Bitcoin into an independent digital payment system. More information on mining Bitcoins - in our article.

Is it possible to get a billion bitcoins?

It is impossible The bitcoin code is limited: you can get a maximum of 21 million bitcoins. At the same time, Bitcoin can be divided infinitely into smaller parts: this is a digital currency! A Satoshi (named after the creator of this cryptocurrency) is 0.00000001 btc.

What did bitcoin provide?

National currencies used to be provided with gold or silver, now - GDP. In theory, you could go to any bank in the country and exchange your paper money for the equivalent of gold and vice versa. Bitcoin is not provided with anything, it is pure mathematics.

Anyone anywhere in the world can run a bitcoin mining script on their computer and feel like a miniature central bank. The source code of the script is published openly, everyone can see how it works.

What are the characteristics of bitcoin?

There are several fundamental characteristics of Bitcoin. Read about them below.


The central control authority of the bitcoin network does not exist: it is distributed to all participants, and each computer that extracts bitcoins is an equal participant in this system. This means that no central authority has the ability to dictate rules to the owners of bitcoins, as, say, it was in early 2013 in Cyprus. And even if some part of the network is disconnected, the payment system will continue to operate in a stable manner.

Easy to use

To open a bank account for a company in our banks, you need to go through seven circles of hell. As a result, you can refuse without giving reasons. With Bitcoin, you can forget about this problem: it will take you five minutes to create a Bitcoin wallet and immediately start using it. No questions, no commissions. Read more about how to create a Bitcoin wallet, read our article.


Yes yes It is completely anonymous and at the same time completely transparent. You can create an infinite number of Bitcoin addresses without reference to a name, address or any other information.


Bitcoin keeps all the transaction history that has occurred. This is called a sequential block chain, or block chain. Blockchain knows everything. Therefore, if you have a public use bitcoin address, then anyone can see how many bitcoins you have in your account. No one will know that the address belongs to you, if you do not inform it. Those who want complete anonymity usually use a new bitcoin address for each transaction.

The commission is negligible

Your bank can safely cancel an international transfer fee of $ 50. Bitcoin is not.

Translation speed

You can send money anywhere and to any person. They will fly in minutes after the bitcoin network processes the payment.

Irrevocable transactions

After sending the bitcoins to the recipient, they can not be returned if the recipient does not want to do it himself.



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