Mar 11, 2019
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Ethereum [ETH] and ERC-20 tokens price and conversation correlation has begun to decrease, claims report

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Ethereum [ETH], the second-largest cryptocurrency and a leading smart contract platform, has been one of the most controversial coins ever since its inception. The platform allowed several other projects access to the cryptocurrency space, including Tron [TRX], EOS, and MakerDAO. However, over the past year, Ethereum witnessed a significant decrease in terms of its price and adoption.

A recent report on Twitter named The Rise and Fall of Ethereum: A Data Driven Story – by The TIE dwelled into reasons that contributed to its rise and the reasons that forced the platform to fall. The report stated that there was massive buying pressure for the cryptocurrency between 2017-2018 because of the rise of Initial Coin Offerings [ICO]. It further added that purchases were required to use Ether to participate in most of the token sales, driving the price up by more than 100x.


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