Nov 27, 2018
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Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH/USD Price Hover above $100, Risk of $38?

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Thing is, Ethereum is designed as a world’s super computer. It can work in isolation as a crowd funding and a dApp building platform where investors can get in via fiat-crypto on ramps as a means of direct investment in promising products. At the same time, companies can build their systems over Ethereum thanks to the underlying security and efforts by the team to solve scalability and further bolster the network security despite slumping ETH prices.

But even in the midst of this bullish development as companies race to implement various blockchain based solution with nothing more than the desire to take advantage of the hype around “blockchain” or “distributed Ledger Technology”, Vitalik—in a recent interview with Quartz–is issuing a warning to appropriators saying this misapplication would lead to “wasted time”.


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