Oct 12, 2018
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Forbes teams up with Civil: A bad timing for the innovative ICO?

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The journalism industry has experienced many challenges in recent years. With the Internet making it easier than ever for anyone to publish a story on a free and open network,  millions of people are now instantly informed about the latest events that occur around the world. The lack of quality control means that fake news articles or poorly researched stories often make their way to the front page of major news publications. Often, these significant publications are complicit in the spreading of false information for no other reason than to attract more readers and earn a larger share of the digital media industries declining revenue pool.

As the web of online information continues to grow exponentially, people are becoming less interested in sensational headlines and more hungry for news that is credible and trustworthy. For these reasons, Forbes is partnering with Civil, a blockchain based journalist platform to publish their content more transparently.READ IN FULL

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