Dec 20, 2018
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Messari CEO: Killer Use Case For Bitcoin Is Still Money, Digital Gold

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To commemorate the one year anniversary of 2017’s Bitcoin (BTC) peak, Bloomberg, who has recently become a topic of controversy in the cryptosphere, hosted a “Bull vs. Bear” panel. On one side was Ryan Selkis, the chief executive of crypto asset research group Messari, and a number of pro-crypto Bloomberg reporters. On the other side was a few skeptics, including Bitcoin at $1,500 forecaster Mike McGlone. Although Selkis was seemingly outnumbered, as he was the only industry insider rooting for cryptocurrencies, the former Digital Currency Group executive made it clear why he sees immense value in this budding asset class.

Bitcoin’s Killer Application Is Money — Hard Stop

Caroline Hyde, a host at the outlet, asked Selkis about what cryptocurrencies’ killer application truly is, jabbing at the fact that CryptoKitties — once lauded as the key to global adoption — had seemingly disappeared off Earth’s face.


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