Nov 2, 2018
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Quick guideline or Let us introduce EtherMium

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EtherMium is a cutting-edge solution for pro-traders as well as newbies, the exchange performs all the upsides of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. From the time of the cryptocurrency market appearance to mankind, multiple trading solutions have been entering the market. The issue is what rides EtherMium to be over the competition?

Safety first! EtherMium safety is obviously remarkable and worth attention. The clue of success consists of 2 base components working in one team – smart contracts and order book service. The smart contract ensures that it is you and only you are in the custody of your assets. Generally, it can be compared to the advanced bank account, but with the significant upper hand. Notably, the movement of one user’s assents is possible if only a confirming message is signed from both sides – of the buyer and the seller and, in addition, exclusively upon the address of the user. Accordingly, assets’ storage on the contract is as secure and reliable as holding funds in your personal wallet.


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