Feb 8, 2019
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Ripple expands its University Blockchain Research Initiative to 11 more universities across the world

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In a step forward towards the better utility and application of the revolutionary blockchain technology, global financial settlements giant, Ripple has announced that it will now partner 11 more universities through its University Blockchain Research Initiative [UBRI]. The project, first launched in June 2018, now has partners in 29 universities across the world and works towards the fostering of research, innovation, and development in the field of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and real-time payment systems.

Using UBRI resources, partner universities and institutes now have the option to work towards fostering knowledge sharing in the field of blockchain and its associated technologies by organizing workshops, conferences, and academic round-tables. These activities will serve a dual function by not only generating a degree of awareness about what is still an emerging technology, but will also prepare the new generation of industry leaders and entrepreneurs to apply these associated technologies for better and efficient results.


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