Feb 23, 2019
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See How Apple Are Utilising The Blockchain

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Apple Inc are best known for their flagship iMac and iPhone products, though historically, of course, it all really started (in the mainstream at least) with the launch of the iPod. Apple Inc is a US-based multinational company that specialises in the design and development of various hardware and software products and are often considered as Microsoft’s only true rival in terms of tech dominance. With an estimated revenue of $265.595 billion in 2018, it’s clear to see that Apple are frankly huge.

It’s also clear that such a large tech firm will wish to explore blockchain technology sooner, rather than later. No, Apple aren’t launching their own Applecoin or iCoin just yet, however, according to reports out during the middle of last week, Apple Inc have confirmed that they will be using blockchain technology to explore new methods of manufacture that aim to make Apple’s hardware products far more environmentally friendly.


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