Nov 15, 2018
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The Daily: Coinbase Blesses Binance, Game Day for BCH

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The Daily: Coinbase Blesses Binance, Game Day for BCH

It’s a big day for Bitcoin, though quite what flavor of Bitcoin remains to be seen. By the time the dust has settled on this historic Thursday, we should have an idea of which way the Bitcoin Cash hash war has swung. In this edition of The Daily, we round up the best tools for monitoring the fork as it happens and take a look at Ledger’s natty new range of hardware wallets.

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Bitcoin Cash Has Its Day of Reckoning

At around 11:40 a.m. EST the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network will fork to become two. Quite what happens after that is anyone’s guess, although there have been plenty of attempts to predict the ways this hashpower battle could play out. Rather than add to the noise by speculating on whether Bitcoin ABC or Bitcoin SV will become the dominant chain, we’ll settle for linking to resources for where you can watch the drama unfold.

The Daily: Coinbase Blesses Binance, Game Day for BCH shows hashrate estimations for the competing BCH implementations, while Bitmex Research has created Click on the Bitcoin Cash tab at the top to see which BCH build is in front. We’ve also published a roundup of the key arguments from each side of the divide, plus a list of how numerous platforms and services are handling the fork. Whether you’re a BCH proponent, opponent, or merely a casual spectator, Nov. 15 promises to be a seismic day in Bitcoin history.


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