Mar 8, 2020
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Trending Bitcoin News and Market Sentiment 8th March, 2020: Blockchain Technology Will Continue to Improve Industrial Processes, Bitcoin Could Be a Step Closer to Joining the DeFi Revolution with New Grant for Interlay

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  • Bitcoin remains in trading range of USD 9,000 even with a dip to USD 8,800
  • Finboot CEO believes that blockchain technology will continue to improve industrial processes, and firms should push for it in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibility initiatives
  • Bitcoin could be joining the decentralized finance (DeFi) revolution with Interlay receiving a Web3 grant to port Bitcoin into interoperability project Polkadot


Bitcoin trading continues in the same range as it has been in the past two days, with Sunday still seeing the same trading ranges around USD 9,000, although a dip has happened to take it to a current price of USD 8,000. The bears will feel slightly disappointed that coronavirus fears appeared to have stopped their impact, while the bulls will insist that the safe haven theory was not negated despite the crash, as the last few days of recovery have shown.


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