Jul 12, 2019
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Warning: Online Dash Wallet Vulnerable to Attacks – Here’s What Users Are Advised

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My Dash Wallet, a digital wallet of Dash cryptocurrency has been compromised according to the developing team of Dash. The DashPay Twitter page notified the users about the vulnerability in their wallets and asked them to create a “new hd wallet and move funds” there.

They mentioned that an ‘externally loaded JS sending private keys to a remote server.‘ An externally located JavaScript is a popular technique used to reduce the loading speed of a site. However, according to the developing team, on 13th May 2019, the external site fixed itself back and which was sending the private key data.

According to the update, it was an unintentional mistake from their website developing team. Nevertheless, while the data was cached, there is a high probability that users could have downloaded the malicious script on 13th May when the site kicked backed on.

Moreover, while no user has been affected until now, the Dash Pay users have been advised to create a wallet, just in case. However, the announcements itself has been bizarrely presented and no clear green signal has been given to the users. This tweet came out early on 12th July,

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Dash Pay Warning


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