Mar 6, 2020
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Why Tezos Price Bulls Keep ‘Roaring’ And intimidating Other Top Altcoins?

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  • Tezos surges 18% since the dip to $2.5250 in February.
  • Tezos community votes-in a network upgrade that saw the gas limit increase.

Tezos (XTZ) has a way of keeping investors, traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts on their toes guessing what move it is going to make next. While the majority, if not all cryptocurrencies are trading at levels higher compared to those in December last year, Tezos is among the cryptoassets (if not the only one) that have traded new all-time highs in 2020.

Tezos spiked from $1.2270 (traded on January 1, 2020) to $3,94 (all-time highs). However, the bearish wave that has been sweeping through the crypto market since February saw it dive to $2.5250 (recent low). The trading in March has been massively yielding for Tezos compared to other altcoins in the market. XTZ/USD is up 18% from the recent low (February) to teeter at $3.0824 (market value).

Tezos Surges In The Wake Of “Carthage” Protocol Upgrade

The Tezos community managed to vote-in the implementation of the network upgrades, “Carthage” that is said to have greatly contributed to the surge in price. The latest upgrade has helped to fix issues associated with the previous protocol version. The current protocol, 006 saw the network leave, Babylon protocol to Carthage at block 851,961. Key features brought into place included an increase in gas limit and fixes applied to the previous version.


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