Mar 26, 2019
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Will Ripple (XRP) Bulls of Jan 30 Flow Back and Prop Dropping Prices?

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  • Ripple prices down 5.2 percent
  • TaoTao exchange launching in mid-May and supports Ripple (XRP)
  • Transaction volumes low but as prices retest main support, participation may spike

After pressure from the community, CMC is listening to feedback and may adjust their methodology so that investors can have a fuller image of asset prices. At the same time, Yahoo backed TaoTao exchange will launch in mid-may and Ripple (XRP)-whose prices are down 5.2 percent, is available for trading.

Ripple Price Analysis


Four months after a disastrous exposure that saw Coincheck lose $540 million worth of NEM; news began doing rounds that Yahoo was planning on investing $19 million for a 40 percent stake at BitARG, now TaoTao. Through a subsidiary, Nikkei Asian Review reported that the “purchase of BitARG shares would be made through Tokyo’s YJFX, a wholly owned Yahoo subsidiary that operates foreign exchange transaction services” and the exchange planned to “service operation and security expertise of the Yahoo Japan Group.”


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